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· Are you a leader or a manager?
· Are your managers efficient?
· Do you challenge your people to be the   best?
· Minimize stress by managing from goals.
· What hat do you wear; Fireman or   Visionary?
· Management is only as strong as its weakest   link.
· Realize the power in creating and sharing   your culture.



Getting Results
All of our programs and services are available through Direct Insight on a consulting basis. However, many of our programs will soon be available as standalone products through our online store. Sign up for the mailing list to be notified of updates.

Management Development Program
Hones your management skills and helps build positive new productive behaviors.

Motivational Management Program
Challenge your employees to excel.

Supervisory Management Program
Provides skills, tools and opportunities for the novice supervisor or manager, and a great refresher for the veterans.

Personal Productivity Program
Bring your own productivity to a new level.

Organizational Needs Inventory
Lead by knowing your organization's ideal structure, culture and leadership style.

20/20 Insight
Obtain 360 degree feedback on your effectiveness or your manager's effectiveness in leading the organization.

The Profile Evaluation System
Find the right managers for your organization during the hiring process.

Personality Insights
Build your team by knowing how your personality styles complement or conflict with each other.

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