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Are you having a consistent problem finding and keeping good people? If you are, you may be focusing too much on skills rather than attitudes. Can your candidates thrive in your organization's culture?

· Find out how your current employees   perceive their job environment.
· Identify employment candidate's true   strengths and weaknesses.
· Look at the total person you're hiring or   promoting.
· Know the training needs of people before   you select them.
· Identify potential conflict with co-workers   and direct reports.
· Cut costly hiring mistakes, reduce turnover,   increase productivity.
· Identify what motivates your new hire.



Getting Results
All of our programs and services are available through Direct Insight on a consulting basis. However, many of our programs will soon be available as standalone products through our online store. Sign up for the mailing list to be notified of updates.

Organizational Needs Inventory
Define your current and ideal leadership style, organizational structure, and culture.

The Profile Evaluation System
Identifies over 110 personality combinations to reveal the whole person you are hiring.

Personality Insights
Identifies communication styles, motivational styles, and the ideal environment for your candidate.

This selection assessment instrument is designed to assist you in picking the best customer service, administrative, hotel & restaurant, retail and other associate level employees.

Jax-Job Analysis
Identifies critical motivational and behavioral success factors by position.

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