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Successful businesses don't just happen! They develop a written plan of action which serves as their road map to results.

· Define your vision, mission, and purpose.
· Identify your corporate business principles   and values.
· Develop a plan of action for success.
· Manage from goals.
· Assume leadership responsibility.
· Balance authority and power productivity.
· Teach, monitor, adjust for results.



Getting Results
All of our programs and services are available through Direct Insight on a consulting basis. However, many of our programs will soon be available as standalone products through our online store. Sign up for the mailing list to be notified of updates.

Board Planning Retreats
Get more done with an objective facilitator and a structured process.

Board Development
Gain assistance in trustee recruitment, board structure, trustee involvement and trustee awareness.

Management Development Program
Hones your management skills and helps build positive new productive behaviors.

Motivational Management Program
The two P's in people stand for Productivity and Profits when you're doing your most important management job --to understand, support and motivate your employees.

Personal Productivity Program
Make productive behavioral changes to increase your productivity.

Supervisory Management Program
Provides the skills, tools, and opportunity for supervisors and managers to really manage.

Organizational Needs Inventory
Evaluate your organization's structure, culture and leadership style.

MyTyme Success Planner
Use the planner to see opportunities develop into what you really want to achieve.

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