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Successful sales people are self-motivated, focused, and have crystallized goals.

· Identify the best sales candidate.
· Learn the art of prospecting.
· Prepare an effective presentation.
· Recognize buying signals.
· Discover prime buying motives.
· Handling objectives.
· Understand your prospect's situation.



Getting Results
All of our programs and services are available through Direct Insight on a consulting basis. However, many of our programs will soon be available as standalone products through our online store. Sign up for the mailing list to be notified of updates.

Effective Selling Strategies Program
Improve your prospecting, appointment getting, presentations, and closing.

Personality Insights
Learn to flex your personality style for successful selling. Develop strategies to meet the demands of your market.

The Profile Evaluation System
Identify the best sales candidates during the hiring process. Identify developmental needs in your current sales team.

Interactive Sales Trainer
A flight simulator for your sales team. Practice with 125 random but repeatable sales scenarios. (PC-- CD Rom based, Windows 3.1 or better with sound card. Microphone required for self- listen function).

Getting the Business & Keeping It
A self-paced video training program to teach and enhance your sales person's ability.

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